ABAP-错误 C+704

itxm 2022年03月09日 SAP 218 0

Please find the original document at 2712068
You try to use the solution described in note 2119237 to control C+704 message behave the same as M7308 message. However, the system behavior is inconsistent: when you set the message type of M7308 to 'Warning' by setting T160M-MSGTP=W, the C+704 error still occurs; only when you set T160M-MSGTP=(blank) or use transaction OMCQ to set the message type to 'No message' would the C+704 error becomes a warning.
Reason and Prerequisites
This is due to a defect in the program.
Apply the correction attached. Afterwards, the C+704 message would be more consistent with the M7308 message (by default, there is no entry for M7308 in T160M/OMCQ and the C+704 will be raised as an error message):
C+704 message type
M7308 in table T160M (OMCQ)
(No entry) or 'E'
(Blank), 'W', or 'I'
Note: a separate note, 2659584, is available for releases S4HANA 101 and above.


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